The progressives were successful in potentially halting the Child Labor abuse taking place throughout the late 1800's and early 1900's by their campaigns, factory strikes, and will-power to establish the political agreement involving the Child Labor Laws.

In 1836 a state minimum age law was proposed: This suggested that states have a minimum age for factory workers.
  • Later that year the The first child labor law was made in Massachusetts saying that children under 15 must attend 3 month/year of school
  • After this law Massachusetts started limiting children work hours
Some laws include
Age requirements
Work wages
and work hours
these are all regulated by the US department of Labor

Video of Child Labor in the early 1900's:

  • Child Labor peaked in the early decades of the twentieth century
  • Children were seen as prime employees for multiple work environments due to their small fingers and energetic personalities
  • Children occupied a majority of the jobs in mines, glass factories, textiles, agriculture, canneries, home industries and as news boys, messengers, bootblacks and peddlers
  • Working woman and middle class consumers established union organizations such as state Consumer's league and Working Woman's Societies
  • These organizations created the 1904 National Child Labor Committee
  • The National Child Labor committee established anti-sweatshop strikes and not only worked to end child labor but pushed for the idea of free education for all children
  • These strikes and campaigns lead to the Fair Labor Standards of 1938
Here are some examples of injuries
Labor Movement Reformer:
Jones, Mary Harris(1830-1930): organized unions among coal miners, helped found the Industrial Workers of the World. By 1902 she was called "the most dangerous women in America" because of her success in turning the miners against the mine owners

Clara E. Sipprell (1885-1975): Made a way for women in American politics, this gave women more power

The child labor laws have recently been brought up in presidential runnings campaigns in the idea that they should be eliminated; Newt Gingrich feels exactly this way:
Women and Child Labor laws of today
  • The child labor law is more strict today because more children are enrolled in school
  • Some jobs included health insurance now
  • Most kids start working around ages 14-16
  • Women have the same opportunities as men
  • Women are treated as any other person trying to get a job and are not put in low wage areas