Regulation Of Trusts
Thesis: Teddy Roosevelt decided to regulate the trusts due to many of them becoming unfair to companies.

What is a trust?
  • Exclusive privilege to carry on a business
  • Granted by the government
220px-President_Theodore_Roosevelt,_1904.jpg Theodore Roosevelt
  • Known as the "trust buster"
  • "I am no longer a political accident." He stated after his 1904 victory.

Major Trust Regulations
  1. Forced the great railroad combination in the Northwest to break apart.
  2. Wanted to put big businesses under regulation so he could help those working there.
  3. Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 to maintain economic liberty.


  • "profit minded business leaders discovered that the way around the instability of competition was to dominate the market by creating cartels and bigger industrial organizations" -trust busting (itslearning)

Teddy Roosevelt Cartoons
"Railroad trust"
"Shot down bad trust"