Women's Rights

Thesis: The women's suffragist movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was one of the success stories of the progressive movement in that it gained social and political privileges, such as the right to vote and full participation in politics for women in the United States by the second decade of the 1900s.


NAWSA (National woman's suffrage association)
WCTU (Woman's Cristian Temperance Union)- "Strong Drink" , White Middle Class Woman
  • National woman's suffrage association - Federal constitution amendments, rights to vote.
  • Susan B. Anthony/ Elizabeth Cady Stanton/ Lucretia Mott ( Leaders of convention) - wanted the right to vote. Sojourner Truth
  • Declaration Of Sentiments
  • Women's parade

Woman's Role In Society:

  • No property rights, or voting rights

  • If divorced, women had no custody over their children
  • "Civily Dead" in eyes of the law if not married
  • "Separate Spheres"
  • Seen as: Childish, mentally inferior
  • "You are right but you must wait. This is the negro hour"- Republican Leaders

The New Woman:

-Plays sports-Wears loose fitting clothes
-Drives an Automobile
-Works outside of homes (offices, hospitals, law etc)
-Took position of the man
- women could smoke

Memorable Quotes

"We will remain out of the Union a hundred years rather than come in without the women" -Wyoming

"Congress could not open the door wide enough to let the black man into the political fold without putting up a bar to keep the woman out."

"I do not regard it as a very important matter"

"I am more and more convinced that the great field, for the usefulness of woman is as the mother of the family" - Theodore Roosevelt

"I do not myself consider that the granting of suffrage to woman would, under the existing conditions, be any imrovement in our system of government"- Secrretary Root's Letter to Mrs. Jones

Amendments and Declarations:
  • Seneca Falls Declaration-radical vision (Gender Equality)
  • Anthony Amendment- Revision of 16th Ammendment
  • Put forth Equal Rights Amendment ( Alice Paul)- 3/4 of states did not ratify
  • 19th Amendment 1920- woman full sufrage- Jeannette Rankin (congress)
  • Judge Bingham: "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged."- 15th Ammendment - Successful outcome
The woman's suffrage movement argued for women to gain access to the vote and political power and secure the lawful rights they deserved as citizens which was achieved.Yet even a century later, women still face hurdles to full equality.

Over Time...


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National Women's Party Pickets the White House
National Women's Party Pickets the White House